How to Open a Daycare

We have compiled licensing procedures for New York City. Make sure to follow your state’s specific requirements. Regardless this will give you a general idea of what you will have to do to get a child care center up and running. Procedures for an in-home daycare may vary significantly.

The Department of Health will assign an Early Childhood Consultant to assist you in the process. When the process is finished make sure to contact one of our risk advisors for all your daycare insurance and risk management needs.

Step 1 – Attend a Pre Permit Orientation Session. This will outline the rest of the process.

Step 2 – When you find a possible site for you business, notify Office for PHS inspection

Step 3  – Submit your preliminary plans/blue prints for review and approval to the Day Care Office

Step 4  – Obtain a Lead Test Inspection Report

Step 5 – Work towards obtaining Buildings Department Approval (Certificate of Occupancy or Letter of No Objection for children under 6 years)

Step 6 – Request for Fire Department inspection (through the Day Care office)

  • If more than 30 children, an interior fire alarm system is required.
  • If applying for infant/Toddlers a sprinkler system is required.

Step 7 – Assure you have 30 square foot wall-to-wall classroom space per child (consider age/group size limits)

Step 8 – Assure the following:

(1)  one child sized toilet (10” to 12” from floor)

(1) one child sized sink (22” to 24” from floor) per 15 children

Step 9 – Separate staff toilet required on premises.

Step 10 – Interview and hire staff – (click here for specific requirements)

• Qualified Educational Director or Teacher Director

• Qualified Teachers

• Assistant Teachers

Step 11 – Properly Screen All Staff

Fingerprinting by DOH

• Child Abuse Screening

• Three References

Step 12 – Obtain both staff and children’s medicals

Step 13 – All Public Health Service violations must be cleared prior to licensing

Step 14 – Submit appropriate application forms and required documents

Step 15 – Register for Code-mandates institute training

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