Part 2: 10 Steps to Prevent Sexual Misconduct

This is part 2 of our series on managing abuse and molestation risks. Read part one here on awareness.

Prevention is always the number-one goal with any risk exposure. So please consider the following steps to prevent or at least reduce the likelihood of these events occurring on your premises:

  1. Make sure you have  a Title IX Coordinator (if applicable). *Ask us
  2. You must adopt a “Zero Tolerance” approach regarding any act of sexual misconduct. No wiggle room!
  3. Go through all your organization’s existing training programs, policies and procedures regarding acts of harassment and sexual misconduct. Make necessary improvements while seeking not only to increase management and accountability but rather to set a standard for industry excellence.
  4. Develop and document clear reporting and investigative procedures for allegations.
  5. Develop a comprehensive prevention program with training, education, and awareness for all employees, especially those who provide supervision of children.
  6. Perform background checks on every person who would serve in a role involving children.
  7. Consider a policy of ongoing post-hire employee background checks as well.
  8. Evaluate any past incidents or allegations of sexual misconduct, and identify areas for response or risk management improvement going forward. *Ask us!
  9. Ensure you have multiple ways for the campus community to report possible acts of sexual misconduct or other wrongdoing.

Awareness +Training = Risk Reduction

Part 3 will feature the unfortunate yet necessary guide for how to respond to allegations.

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