Need Funds to Merge or Coordinate Your Non Profit??

New York based Sea Change Capital Partners can help! On February 28th the organization announced the launch of a $1 million dollar NYC Merger Acquisition and Collaboration Fund to ease the path for charities to combine their efforts.

In a Wall Street Journal article published on February 28th, 2012 John MacIntosh, Partner at Sea Change Capital, was quoted as saying “We are looking to remove obstacles so that natural things can happen.” The pool of money is to be used for grant making for important expenses that are critical to knitting two non profits together. The expenses typically include: legal and accounting services, real estate changes, severance for outgoing executives, and meeting/travel expenses.

If you are considering merging with another Non Profit, or may consider coordinating a benefit or service to your constituents we suggest that you reach out to Sea Change Capital Partners directly to help make your vision a reality.

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