Quick Tips On How To Compete In The Nursery School Day Care Space

Commercial day care centers & nursery schools often face difficulties due to the competition from non profit day cares such as churches and after school programs.  Their cost structures are better because they can subsidize tuition and enrichment programs through donations from their congregation, grant writing, federal & state subsidies. If you are a Non Profit Nursery School, or Child Day Care Facility, understand that your local competition who cannot subsidize their tuition will try to position their facility through the use of enrichment programs to compete on child experience rather than tuition costs.

To better compete, think about implementing some of the following enrichment programs that can give your school or facilities a value edge :

Education Testing
Foreign Language Classes
Martial Arts
Theatre Programs
Gyms (Indoor)
Dance Programs

Parent Lecture Series

Supervised Playgrounds

These are just some amenities that will make your program more appealing against your local competition. If you can’t compete on cost, position your program as a well rounded “educational experience” which has more of an emotional pull to parents than cost might.

You can further lower your cost structure and give your facility a competitive edge by implementing risk management techniques which substantially lower your insurance costs , often far less than your peers who don’t have risk management for nursery schools or risk management for day care facilities in place. For more advice contact an advisor today at Metropolitan Risk Advisory. We specialize in the needs of child care and day care facilities. We can also help increase your profit margins with day care insurance and targeted risk management techniques.

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