Does Twitter Affect Business?

Twitter has exploded as one of the top social media services that can be used anywhere from your computer to your smart phone. Your tweets of up to 140 characters can be viewed and followed by many which allows others to see the latest information you post. Twitter has been a great networking and marketing tool which has helped small businesses and non-profits gain recognition and grow. 

Businesses using Twitter:
– Restaurants, stores, and services can tweet daily specials and promotions
– Real estate agencies can inform followers of new homes for sale
– ticket agencies can tell people about close to expiring tickets
– local events and promotions can be sent by the chamber of commerce
– a public relations firm can tweet opportunities
– the tweeting possibilities and subjects are endless

Twitter is a way to accumulate a following, gain trust, and increase credibility. It is important to note that Twitter is not a direct way to get clients or donors.

Building Relationships:
By using Twitter, you become familiar with your followers. You get a sense of their personalities, priorities, activities and events they enjoy, and things they don’t like. After getting to know your audience, you can tweet useful and valuable information (not sale advertisements/twitter spam) directed toward their interests.

Beginner Tweeters:
If you just started using Twitter for your business, the fist step is to follow your target market or interesting people within or outside your business interest. Instead of using your business logo, use a personal picture for your Twitter icon to better connect with your followers and get to know your followers and people you follow by introducing yourself.

As an avid user of various channels of social media to help our New York business at Metropolitan Risk Advisory, we can help your small business or non-profit organization with any questions you may have regarding Twitter, other social media networks, or content advice.

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