Useful Tips For Press Releases

No one wants to read long and boring press releases. Following these tips will save your non-profit business time and make your press releases more interesting.

-Keep it short: pretend your press release is an elevator pitch; get to the point, make it intriguing and sell it. If your press release cannot be explained in under one minute (200-400 words) or you think some readers may want to learn more about the topic, you can always attach a link to more detailed information.

– Keep it simple: make your non-profit contact information easy to find for journalists the media.

– SEO: the main purpose of press releases is to increase traffic and SEO to your non-profit website. Make sure that keywords consist 3-5% of your content, but 15-20% of your headline.

– Be Persistent: sometimes it take a few tries to get your message across. Refining and re-releasing a press release you believe is important can help you gain audiences and recognition.

If you need further advice about non-profit press releases, tips to increase traffic to your website, or general assistance with social media strategies and generating high return, Metropolitan Risk Advisory can provide solutions.

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