Non-Profit Innovation

Non-profit organizations, just as for profit organizations, require innovation in technology and ideas to succeed or survive. Innovation is important in research expansion, resource application, fund raising, and in mission commitment. Innovative programs, grants, and awards help motivate non-profit managers to work hard. However, the process of innovation is difficult. The SIT approach may be used by non-profits to determine it’s ‘break fixedness’ roles, process, and resources to discover opportunities. 

The main internal and external components of a non-profit organization may include: Volunteers, Fundraising, promotions, benefactors, beneficiaries, mission statement, executive director, management board, the office, phones, website, grants, and donations. Take each component and determine its benefits and resources to discover new ways to use them.

Here are a few programs some non-profit organizations have used:

-Turning sales into donations: Some non-profits have teamed with large retailers such as Home Depot and Target. The customer may donate a portion of the purchase to a non-profit of their choosing.
– A T-shirt company partnered with a non-profit school and allowed the children to create designs to be voted on and used by the company. All of the proceeds were allocated to the school.
– An Australian non-profit organization, Can Too offered professional swimming and running training for charity.
– The non-profit MarkProf Foundation is a free 7 week innovation training program for company executives

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