5 Challenges Non-Profits Encounter

Many NY Non-Profit organizations are facing many difficulties through the recession beyond simply their NY Insurance for Non Profits . Many NY Non-profit board members say that their major challenges include:

  • -Putting too much focus on strategy and forgetting about their role in the organization
  • -Focusing on the important issues and projects
  • -Looking towards the future and innovation while watching expenses
  • -Board, staff and brand energy and success
  • -Leadership stability; if a CEO steps down, another must be ready to take the role and responsibility
  • Inconsistent revenue projections due to State & fed cutbacks, and donations ebbing.

In times like these perhaps the most important strategy a NY Non Profit , or a NJ Non Non Profit must do is realize why they are there in the first place. To provide assistance to those less fortunate than us. Go back to basics, appreciate the impact you have and had, and focus on your people and those critical relationships!!

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